General Character Rules

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General Character Rules

Post by The Powers That Be on Sat Jan 05, 2013 5:35 am

These are the character rules. Please keep these in mind when applying for a character.

1) You are allowed seven L.A Characters and two Pylean Ones active.

2) Canons are not played here at the moment. Due to the fact this site moves along at the same rate as BtVS, Angel and friends have not yet moved into L.A. However, some canons may open up at some point, such as Charles Gunn and Lorne.

3) Your inactive characters do not need to be in your signature, or anywhere else

4) When making a character, please make a topic titled "Guest Characters" Or along those lines. This is where all your characters must be kept. No separate forms please.

5) If you wish for your character to be accepted, please just ask. Mods and Admins are always ready to help, or we wouldn't have chosen them

6) There is an age limit of 25 on Characters. Vampires may not be over 200 years old at the moment. This is because Angel and Spike are, when they join in this site, the oldest vamps. We can't have some ancient evil running around. [Few Exceptions Will Be Made To The Vampire Rule]

7) Keep your character real. If your charrie is a vampire, they won't be wearing a cross necklace, or be in a church.

8 ) Gary-Stu's and Mary-Sue's are not permitted. These are perfect characters, or totally flawed characters. There must be drawbacks and strengths.


9) Special characters! These are Members of Wolfram and Hart, for now. There is a limit of one per person unless you receive permission from a Admin.
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