Chatbox Rules [Read Please]

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Chatbox Rules [Read Please]

Post by The Powers That Be on Sat Jan 05, 2013 5:04 am

Hello. These are the Chatbox rules, brought to you by me, and written up by...well me. Please follow them, or face the punishments listed here

1) No fighting. As in, do not log onto chatbox, see that someone you don't like is in it, and start fighting. We have it in our power to ban you from the chatbox. Please report a user to us if it continues.

2) No religion, smut or politics are to be discussed that may be considered offensive, inappropriate, or highly controversial. Even if there is an admin in the chatbox, do not discuss these things.

3) If you disrespect ANY user, be they lesser or more than you, believe me when I say that you will be punished. Also know, that even if you don't see an admin or mod on, it doesn't mean they aren't. We have it in our power to make test accounts, and catch people we feel are abusing rules out. We also can be under "Hidden" so please, remember your manners at all times.

4) No inappropriate language. No exceptions. The list of words permitted is found in Site Rules and we expect them to be followed. If not, you will be punished.

5) All site rules apply. All of them.

6) If another member asks you to stop anything, please respect their wishes.

7) Smut. Indecent language or publications; obscenity. Not allowed. At all. No exceptions. If found to be sending links, or discussing it, you will be immediately kicked from the chatbox, and banned. If found anywhere else in the site, you will be punished accordingly.

8 ) No Smilie Spam. That is confused bounce rabbit pig cheers bom And doing all of that for a very long time. Not a major offence, but it makes some computers skip
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