Site Rules [MUST BE READ]

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Site Rules [MUST BE READ]

Post by The Powers That Be on Sat Jan 05, 2013 5:01 am

These Rules must be followed at all times. Otherwise, you face the consequences.

1) No bullying.
2) No foul mouth words.
3) Don't give out personal information.
4) Do not hack other peoples account.
5) Do not release any secrets to other users that have been told to you on the site or off the site.
6) Do not start any fights.
7) Please avoid mentioning/discussing religion, politics, or any other topics that may be considered offensive, inappropriate, or highly controversial. Even if there is an admin in the chatbox, do not discuss these things. There's a reason we don't talk about them. And that reason is their controversy.
8) If you treat any member with disrespect, there will be serious repercussions. That goes the same for the staff, too. If you treat the staff with disrespect, that will also result in serious punishment. Also, if the admins or mods treat you with disrespect, then please contact a different staff member with a screenshot asking for punishments to be given out to the appropriate parties.
9) If asked to stop doing something by another member, please respect their wishes and stop. If you have to be asked more than twice, then serious consequences will be handed out.
10) All site rules apply in chat as well.
11) Please don't remain silent. If you see anyone breaking a rule, immediately message a staff member and aid in seeing to it that the situation is dealt with.
12) Be courteous to one another. Everyone should be treated respectfully and kindly.
13) Do not fight each other. If you feel the need to discuss something further, please take it to private messages.
14) Multiple accounts are not allowed. If found with a double account, one of your accounts will be banned.
15) Do not try to find loop holes in the rules.
16) There is no excuse for breaking any of the Rules. If you feel you cannot be online without breaking a rule, please take a break from the site.
17) Do not post on behalf of a banned user or mention bans
18) Keep at a PG level.
19) Allowed Words:

We understand not all of these are curse words,
but we wanted to list everything.

• Hell
• Damn
• Ass
• Piss
• Heck
• Dang
• Darn
• Crap
• Bish
• Frick/Fricking
• Bull
• Floozy
• Boobs
• Ratchet

Banned Words:

• Tits
• Penis
• Vagina
• Whore
• Hoe
• Slut
• Skank
• Cock
• Douche
• Dick
• All other vulgar/swear words not listed
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