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Post by The Powers That Be on Sat Jan 05, 2013 5:58 am

Like on BtVS, I'm making this a topic. Unlike BtVS, I won't tolerate anything that goes against this after this topic is posted. Things are different in L.A. Some Humans understand about the Demon world, while others don't. But there are still rules regarding the species and what they know.

The L.A Characters:

Humans - Most of these know nothing about demons. However, some do. Some go to Caritas, some hire demons, some even fight them. But I won't tolerate every single human charrie knowing about demons.

Witches - Yes. Unlike BtVS, Witches would know about demons because they are around them so much more.

Warlocks - Same as Witches.

Members of Wolfram And Hart - Of course. Their helping them get out of bad situations. Wolfram and Hart know all about every single demon.

Shapeshifters - Possibly. If they are evil, then yes. If their good, they don't know everything. If their neutral, then they know most.

Vampires - Sure. They know everything about demons.

Demons - I think a demon would know about demons, don't you.

The Pylean Species:

Natives - They don't know about the other dimensions, but they would know about their own world. Such as Van-Tal's

Cows - Same as the natives. They know about the world their living in, but not about the world they've left.
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